Sapphire Serenity

"Discover the tranquility of Sapphire Serenity. Dive into a realm of serene blues and peaceful elegance. Each piece in this collection embodies the calming essence of a tranquil oasis, inviting you to unwind and find solace amidst life's hustle and bustle. Let the soothing hues of sapphire wash over you, transporting you to a state of blissful serenity. Elevate your space with the tranquil allure of Sapphire Serenity and create a haven of peace and relaxation in your home." 🌊💙


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Save €390,00
The Fiona ChairThe Fiona Chair
The Fiona Chair Sale price€399,99 Regular price€789,99
Save €580,00
The Tongue ChairThe Tongue Chair
The Tongue Chair Sale price€479,99 Regular price€1.059,99
Save €340,00
Kate SofaKate Sofa
Kate Sofa Sale price€779,99 Regular price€1.119,99
Save €530,00
Alene ChairAlene Chair
Alene Chair Sale price€389,99 Regular price€919,99
Save €1.400,00
Ester Degradé SofaEster Degradé Sofa
Ester Degradé Sofa Sale price€979,99 Regular price€2.379,99
Save €1.080,00
Sandy SofaSandy Sofa
Sandy Sofa Sale price€2.479,99 Regular price€3.559,99
Save €590,00
The Fiona SofaThe Fiona Sofa
The Fiona Sofa Sale price€859,99 Regular price€1.449,99
Save €100,00
Alicia Blue table
Alicia Blue table Sale price€229,99 Regular price€329,99
Save €190,00
The Car LampThe Car Lamp
The Car Lamp Sale price€349,99 Regular price€539,99
Save €450,00
The Contemporary BenchThe Contemporary Bench
The Contemporary Bench Sale price€999,99 Regular price€1.449,99
Save €190,00
The Geometric TableThe Geometric Table
The Geometric Table Sale price€439,99 Regular price€629,99
Save €80,00
The Gia TableThe Gia Table
The Gia Table Sale price€179,99 Regular price€259,99
Save €560,00
The Fiona TableThe Fiona Table
The Fiona Table Sale price€1.289,99 Regular price€1.849,99
Save €440,00
The Fanny Blue TableThe Fanny Blue Table
The Fanny Blue Table Sale price€1.009,99 Regular price€1.449,99
Save €4.300,00
The Bubbles SofaThe Bubbles Sofa
The Bubbles Sofa Sale price€7.599,99 Regular price€11.899,99
On sale
Amaranta Blue Table
Amaranta Blue Table Sale priceFrom €1.619,99 Regular price€2.319,99
Save €1.850,00
Him Blue LampHim Blue Lamp
Him Blue Lamp Sale price€789,99 Regular price€2.639,99
Save €350,00
The Julia Blue Chair
The Julia Blue Chair Sale price€439,99 Regular price€789,99
On sale
Manela Blue Sofa
Manela Blue Sofa Sale priceFrom €1.099,99 Regular price€1.319,99
Save €600,00
Analise SofaAnalise Sofa
Analise Sofa Sale price€1.379,99 Regular price€1.979,99
Save €150,00
ManIe Velvet Sofa
ManIe Velvet Sofa Sale price€589,99 Regular price€739,99
Save €800,00
Cintia Blue ArmChair
Cintia Blue ArmChair Sale price€1.839,99 Regular price€2.639,99
Save €790,00
Hilary Blue Lamp
Hilary Blue Lamp Sale price€389,99 Regular price€1.179,99
Save €800,00
Cintia Denim ArmChair
Cintia Denim ArmChair Sale price€1.839,99 Regular price€2.639,99