Metallic Mirage

"Experience the allure of Metallic Mirage. Step into a world where shimmering tones and captivating reflections create an enchanting illusion. Each piece in this collection embodies the mystique of a desert mirage, captivating the senses with its metallic sheen and mesmerizing beauty. Let the shimmering hues transport you to a realm of opulence and intrigue, where every glance reveals a new facet of elegance. Elevate your space with the captivating allure of Metallic Mirage and indulge in the magic of metallic hues." ✨🌟


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Adele LampAdele Lamp
Adele Lamp Sale priceFrom €359,99 Regular price€659,99
Save €680,00
Fannie SofaFannie Sofa
Fannie Sofa Sale price€1.559,99 Regular price€2.239,99
Save €1.050,00
The Metal LampThe Metal Lamp
The Metal Lamp Sale price€659,99 Regular price€1.709,99
Save €260,00
The Metal Small LampThe Metal Small Lamp
The Metal Small Lamp Sale price€229,99 Regular price€489,99
Save €440,00
Amaris Color LampAmaris Color Lamp
Amaris Color Lamp Sale price€349,99 Regular price€789,99
Sold out
Amaris White LampAmaris White Lamp
Amaris White Lamp Sale price€299,99 Regular price€789,99
Save €1.110,00
Amaris Color Floor LampAmaris Color Floor Lamp
Amaris Color Floor Lamp Sale price€599,99 Regular price€1.709,99
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Amaris White Floor LampAmaris White Floor Lamp
Amaris White Floor Lamp Sale price€599,99 Regular price€1.709,99
On sale
The Metal Ceiling LampThe Metal Ceiling Lamp
The Metal Ceiling Lamp Sale priceFrom €139,99 Regular price€1.709,99
Save €910,00
Sophie LampSophie Lamp
Sophie Lamp Sale price€799,99 Regular price€1.709,99