Ivory Whispers

"Discover the serenity of Ivory Whispers. Immerse yourself in a world of timeless elegance and pure tranquility. With soft tones and whispers of ivory, this collection invites you to create a sanctuary of calm and beauty in your home. Let each piece envelop you in a hug of serenity and refined style. Welcome to an oasis of peace, where ivory whispers tell stories of eternal beauty." 🕊️✨


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Gia Lamp
Gia Lamp Sale price€639,99 Regular price€919,99
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Manela White SofaManela White Sofa
Manela White Sofa Sale priceFrom €1.099,99 Regular price€1.319,99
Save €380,00
Stella SofaStella Sofa
Stella Sofa Sale price€539,99 Regular price€919,99
Save €680,00
Helena CouchHelena Couch
Helena Couch Sale price€1.559,99 Regular price€2.239,99
Save €800,00
Cintia CouchCintia Couch
Cintia Couch Sale price€1.839,99 Regular price€2.639,99
Save €200,00
Adele LampAdele Lamp
Adele Lamp Sale price€459,99 Regular price€659,99
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Bianca Table LampBianca Table Lamp
Bianca Table Lamp Sale price€179,99 Regular price€589,99
Save €360,00
Harley White LampHarley White Lamp
Harley White Lamp Sale price€819,99 Regular price€1.179,99
Save €200,00
Paper LampPaper Lamp
Paper Lamp Sale price€459,99 Regular price€659,99
Save €280,00
The Mesh lampThe Mesh lamp
The Mesh lamp Sale price€639,99 Regular price€919,99
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The Mesh Big lampThe Mesh Big lamp
The Mesh Big lamp Sale price€1.119,99 Regular price€2.509,99
Save €1.400,00
Kate TableKate Table
Kate Table Sale price€3.219,99 Regular price€4.619,99
Save €1.570,00
Kate Circle TableKate Circle Table
Kate Circle Table Sale price€3.579,99 Regular price€5.149,99
Save €770,00
Kate Small TableKate Small Table
Kate Small Table Sale price€1.739,99 Regular price€2.509,99
Save €1.210,00
The Lips White SofaThe Lips White Sofa
The Lips White Sofa Sale price€2.759,99 Regular price€3.969,99
On sale
The Fur SofaThe Fur Sofa
The Fur Sofa Sale priceFrom €3.949,99 Regular price€5.679,99
Save €350,00
The Fiona Bouclé Sofa
The Fiona Bouclé Sofa Sale price€789,99 Regular price€1.139,99
Save €20,00
The Donut CushionThe Donut Cushion
The Donut Cushion Sale price€39,99 Regular price€59,99
Save €20,00
The Cloud White CushionThe Cloud White Cushion
The Cloud White Cushion Sale price€39,99 Regular price€59,99
Save €20,00
The Ball White Cushion
The Ball White Cushion Sale price€49,99 Regular price€69,99
Save €260,00
Maby White TableMaby White Table
Maby White Table Sale price€609,99 Regular price€869,99
Save €280,00
Iria White Table
Iria White Table Sale price€639,99 Regular price€919,99
Save €1.610,00
Cintia White SofaCintia White Sofa
Cintia White Sofa Sale price€3.679,99 Regular price€5.289,99
Save €200,00
Diana LampDiana Lamp
Diana Lamp Sale price€459,99 Regular price€659,99