White Cadaqués Exclusive Collection

Exploring the Cadaqués Edition' Collection

Craftsmanship and Design Inspired by the Catalan Coast

At Maison Figueras, we are proud to present our 'Cadaqués Edition' collection, an ode to art, craftsmanship, and design inspired by the charming coastal town of Cadaqués, the birthplace of visionary artist Salvador Dalí. This exclusive collection merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to create unique pieces that capture the essence of the Costa Brava.

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Save €800,00
Cintia CouchCintia Couch
Cintia Couch Sale price€1.839,99 Regular price€2.639,99
Save €280,00
Gia Lamp
Gia Lamp Sale price€639,99 Regular price€919,99
Save €200,00
The Mushroom Pouf
The Mushroom Pouf Sale price€459,99 Regular price€659,99
Save €200,00
Paper LampPaper Lamp
Paper Lamp Sale price€459,99 Regular price€659,99
Save €1.610,00
Cintia White SofaCintia White Sofa
Cintia White Sofa Sale price€3.679,99 Regular price€5.289,99
Save €260,00
The Greek TableThe Greek Table
The Greek Table Sale price€609,99 Regular price€869,99
On sale
Bianca SofaBianca Sofa
Bianca Sofa Sale priceFrom €1.469,99 Regular price€2.119,99
Save €680,00
Helena CouchHelena Couch
Helena Couch Sale price€1.559,99 Regular price€2.239,99
On sale
Linda White
Linda White Sale priceFrom €1.379,99 Regular price€1.979,99
Save €770,00
Sasha White Mirror
Sasha White Mirror Sale price€1.739,99 Regular price€2.509,99
Save €1.490,00
Linda Table
Linda Table Sale price€3.399,99 Regular price€4.889,99
Save €200,00
Diana LampDiana Lamp
Diana Lamp Sale price€459,99 Regular price€659,99
Save €720,00
Jimena CouchJimena Couch
Jimena Couch Sale price€1.659,99 Regular price€2.379,99
Save €560,00
Gia Bench
Gia Bench Sale price€1.289,99 Regular price€1.849,99
Save €240,00
Cadaqués ChairCadaqués Chair
Cadaqués Chair Sale price€549,99 Regular price€789,99
Save €240,00
Diana ChairDiana Chair
Diana Chair Sale price€549,99 Regular price€789,99
On sale
Gia CrockeryGia Crockery
Gia Crockery Sale priceFrom €179,99 Regular price€259,99
Save €20,00
The Dali MugThe Dali Mug
The Dali Mug Sale price€49,99 Regular price€69,99
Save €30,00
Gia White CutleryGia White Cutlery
Gia White Cutlery Sale price€59,99 Regular price€89,99
Save €30,00
The Fiona MugThe Fiona Mug
The Fiona Mug Sale price€59,99 Regular price€89,99
Save €360,00
Harley White LampHarley White Lamp
Harley White Lamp Sale price€819,99 Regular price€1.179,99
Save €1.570,00
Kate Circle TableKate Circle Table
Kate Circle Table Sale price€3.579,99 Regular price€5.149,99
Sold out
Bianca Table LampBianca Table Lamp
Bianca Table Lamp Sale price€179,99 Regular price€589,99
Save €1.400,00
Kate TableKate Table
Kate Table Sale price€3.219,99 Regular price€4.619,99