Exploring the 'Cadaqués Limited Edition' Collection

Exploring the 'Cadaqués Limited Edition' Collection

Craftsmanship and Design Inspired by the Catalan Coast

At Maison Figueras, we are proud to present our 'Cadaqués Edition' collection, an ode to art, craftsmanship, and design inspired by the charming coastal town of Cadaqués, the birthplace of visionary artist Salvador Dalí. This exclusive collection merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to create unique pieces that capture the essence of the Costa Brava.


The Purity of White: A Tribute to Cadaqués

The distinctive white color that permeates each piece in our collection is a tribute to the characteristic white architecture of Cadaqués and its surroundings. This tone evokes the luminosity and purity of the Mediterranean coast, while reflecting light in a sublime way, creating an atmosphere of serenity and elegance in any space.


Salvador Dalí's Legacy: Surrealist Inspiration

Like the iconic artist Salvador Dalí, our 'Cadaqués Edition' collection seeks to push the boundaries of imagination and design. Each piece is imbued with the same creativity and surrealistic vision that characterized Dalí's work, carrying with it an air of mystery and magic that will transform your home into a sanctuary of creativity.

Barcelona: Birthplace of Art and Innovation

Founded in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Maison Figueras is a reflection of the rich artistic tradition and innovative spirit that defines this cosmopolitan metropolis. The 'Cadaqués Edition' collection is an expression of our commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship, bringing the best of the Mediterranean to your home.