The Black Cutlery

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Quantity: 24 pieces

The cutlery set is an exquisite and luxurious collection designed to add a touch of elegance and opulence to your dining experience. Each piece in the set is meticulously crafted with attention to detail

The set typically includes essential utensils such as forks, knives, and spoons. Each piece is ergonomically designed, ensuring a comfortable grip and balanced weight for effortless handling. The blades of the knives are sharp and durable, allowing for smooth cutting and slicing.


Whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or enjoying a special occasion, the cutlery set elevates your table setting, making it a true feast for the senses. The combination of luxurious materials, expert craftsmanship, and timeless design creates an unforgettable dining experience that is sure to impress your guests and create lasting memories.

The Cutlery Set includes :

-6/8 or 12 spoons


6/8 or 12 knives

6/8 or 12 forks